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Board of Trustees

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Pramod Thakkar

Chairman / Trustee
Chairman -Trustee of Jalaram Charitable Trust (Temple) Leicester since it’s inception in 1982.

Chaired & Project managed the designconstruction (1992-5) of the first Jalaram Bapa’s

Temple in the and Virbaimaa Community Centre commonly known as Bapa’s Gateway to Leicester

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Bradrashil Trivedi

He has the honour and privilege of serving as a Trustee for Shree Jalaram Temple after since the inception in 1982 of the Trust when he was invited by Late Shantilalbhai Thakkar to join the Board of Trustees.

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Jayant Chandarana


Jayantibhai was invited to join the board of Trustees in 1998. Jayantibhai’s philanthropic nature has led him to be a supporter and donor and has served the community on many committees and charities

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Ketan Kotecha


Bapa has always been a source of faith in our family and in 1998, I was invited to join the Board of Trustees by Pramodbhai Thakkar. I am very pleased to see that under his leadership, the Mandir has evolved just beyond a place of worship.

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Birju Ghelani


Birju’s entrepreneurial and charitable nature has

led him to be a keen supporter of various local and

international charities. He has worked extensively

for over 20 years serving the local community,  including his current philanthropic work with the University of Leicester and his work withlocal charities such as Heartsearch,

Joined the board of Trustees - 4th March 2021


Priti Raichura


Priti Raichura is the founder of Multi- Award winning UK based Event Management and Luxury Wedding Planning company - Priti Raichura Events. She is also an award winning radio broadcaster and well known for her for her community and charity work. She is also the founder of PR Media LTD, a Video and Photography production company specialising in weddings and corporate events, providing excellence in media production.

Joined the board of Trustees - 31st October 2022


Mahendrabhai Pandya

Chief Priest

It is with the Grace of Pujya Shree Jalaram Bapa that I have had the privilege of doing daily Seva in the mandir since 18 July 1990. 


Since my arrival I have witnessed continued growth in the activities of the temple and its congregation.

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Rajubhai Pandya


Since a very young age I have felt the call to serve God and

to lead a life of contentment. The Trustees of the Jalaram

Charitable Trust opened up a new world for me when they gave me the opportunity to do Bapa’s work under the guidance of my elderbrother Mahendrabhai.

My responsibilities in the day today running of the temple have rewarded me abundantly as I have had blessings of many Sants and Sadhus who have visited the temple over the years.

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