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Finding a home in faith 

As Leicester marks 50

years since the expulsion

of Asians from Uganda one temple is also celebrating a landmark 25 years since its


Shree Jalaram Temple and Community Centre owes its rich history to displaced migrants from East Africa who arrived in the city in the sixties and seventies. 

It was during those years that new arrivals began to settle and carve out their space in the city, with homegrown businesses cropping up, serving the growing community. And in 1979 a group of like-minded women would form the humble beginnings of the temple. 


The group, coined the ‘Sarvoday Satsang Mandal’,

would regularly meet at each others’ homes to practice their faith in a safe space, helping each other to rebuild their lives in a new country.

These women, including, Gangaben Patel, Ratanben Mistry, Ramkuverben Gheewala, Jayaben Parmar, Kantaben Patel, Kesiben Patel, Laliben Patel, Vajiben Popat, Lalitaben Thakkar and many more also became leading community figures.

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Today, 25 years later, the temple in its second and current home in Narborough

Road, remains a pillar of the local Gujarati community.


* Celebrating raising £9000 for Uganda 50 years

Movement of the people 

We envisage the evening, Ugandan Exodus Movement of The People, will be a fitting tribute to a generation who left the Pearl of Africa 50 years ago. 


Their resilience and determination should never be forgotten.

We raised £9000 for the Auto Foundation who operates 

a vocational college in a remote and rural part of eastern Uganda near Tororo (Auro Technical School). We serve 300 students, teaching carpentry, hairdressing, bricklaying, catering and tailoring skills. We target the most vulnerable members of society.


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