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A warm welcome, meaningful relationships and mutual responsibility

We welcome more than 4000 families with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles through our doors and help them find their path through prayer, music, learning and community outreach programs.

At Jalaram Charitable Trust, we adhere closely to the teachings of Shree Jalaram Bapa who was famous for his devotion to feeding the needy and the poor in Virpur, Gujarat, and practiced the principle


“Service to man is service to God.”


* Mandir ceiling art depicting Multi Faith

Who We Are

Bapa’s Temple in Leicester has become a

place of worship for devotees from all over the world and is not only visited by Hindus but people of all faiths and religion and is frequently visited by students from across the country.


The fame of Jalaram Mandir Leicester has reached across the seas to Europe, Africa, Australia and America.


Visitors who cannot go to Virpur come to the Jalaram Mandir in Leicester from distant places and regard the temple as a place of Tirth (Pilgrimage) in the Western world. It has become popularly known as the “Virpur of Europe"


Regular events at Mandir


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Charities we have supported


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