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Jalaram Mandir Leicester “Sadvarat Selfless service and the fruits of Guru’s blessings” Bapa’s Guru Bhojalram had blessed that Bapa will remain immortal through his selfless service and Sadavrat. We the volunteers at the Mandir followed this ethos during the tough times of the pandemic which has never been experienced in our lifetime. Feeding the most vulnerable during these times was crustal, regardless of their faith, status, caste or creed. Dedication and

determination together with blessings of Lord Rama and Guru Bhojalram, Pujya Bapa’s endeavours We with the help of volunteers from organisation such as Hanuman Sava we were able to distribute over 400 meals a day


if you want to give, tell yourself to

chant hari naam Have Ram’s name on your lips and Ram’s work in your hand

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