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One of its kind in Europe

The Ceiling depicts various Hindu images including a

painting that pays respect to other faiths.

Babubhai Soni, a famous artist from Ahmedabad and

his team (Naresh, Ravi and Paresh) were appointed to

undertake the artwork. The task took over three years

from start to finish.

The canvas murals were completed in India then airfreighted to the UK. The team then followed them to

Leicester to make any finishing touches required and

to install them on the Mandir ceilings.

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 06.27.49.png

The purpose of having religious paintings on the ceiling

is to communicate teachings to visitors, students and

the children of the community who frequently ask

questions regarding Hinduism.

The paintings have become renowned and have

been featured in many educational books (including

MacMillan publications) and on the BBC 360 degrees

website, as well as being published in newspapers and


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