Shree Jalaram Community Centre

" Bapa's Gateway to Leicester "

A phenomenon at the Vastu ceremony held at the Jalaram Community Centre, Narborough Road, Leicester, on 26th June 2016 - "Parcho", a miracle, sign or blessing. This centre is truly blessed as during the Vastu ceremony and Jalaram Prashadi, a Rotlo that was being cooked in the new kitchen appeared to have an image of AUM , this everyone believes is amongst the greatest of Bapa's Blessing.
See the last photo on the slide show for this miracle!

GRAND OPENING on 10th July 2016

The Centre was officially inaugurated by the City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby and Assistant Mayor, Councillor Manjula Sood in the presence of Liz Kendall MP, the High Sheriff Surinder Sharma, leading Cardiologist and Director of the British Heart Foundation Sir Nilesh Samani, local councillors, donors and members of Jalaram Satsang Mandal.
Click HERE to see the Press Release for full details. Click HERE to read the special Commemorative Souvenir produced for the Opening.
"It is with great joy I wish to congratulate the Shree Jalaram Mandir on the building of the Jalaram Community Centre. I have been on the journey with the group  since its inception 20 years ago! It enhances the Narborough Road and helps form a Gateway to Leicester. It will also serve as a prime facility for the wider Community of Leicester particularly those living in the local neighbourhood. Now is the time to encourage all centres to play a part in supporting the community cohesion in our city. I see the JCC as playing a key role in promoting Good Values with the youth of Leicester."
Above message from Steve White MBE For Services to Education and Sport in Leicester