Virpur town is situated between Junagadh and Dwarka. Since there used to be lot of followers travelling between these two towns, they used to halt at Virpur, this also being Jala Bapa's home town.
Jala Bapa's father was a middle class man owning a ration shop, which was run by Jala Bapa. Any saint who would be invited to visit Bapa would be given any items free of charge. Bapa gained peace by doing this.
Once a neighbouring shopkeeper reported this incidence to Jala Bapa's uncle Valjibhai, who scolded Bapa and went to the saints to get back those items given out by Bapa.
Jala Bapa in turn prayed to Shree Ram, who replaced those items with something more likable. Similarly the stock of shop also remained as earlier.
This shows that one taking God's name is always helped and his work is made simpler. However, this should be all done without malice.
After this rare incident Jala Bapa was worshipped and elevated to the status of Almighty.

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